Zoll AED Refill package with batteries and pads


Is it time to replace both your ZOLL AED Plus batteries and pads? Bundle them and save!

How long do ZOLL AED Plus batteries last?

The ZOLL Plus AED is powered by Duracell type 123 Lithium batteries, which last 5 years. 

How often should ZOLL AED Plus pads last?

Like AED batteries, AED pads have a shelf life. The water-based electrolyte gel that sticks to the chest and conducts electricity will dry out over time. ZOLL AED Plus CPR-D•padz™ have a life expectancy of five years.

How do I replace the batteries in my ZOLL AED Plus?

Check out page 18 of the ZOLL AED Plus Administrator's Guide for complete instructions on how to replace your AED batteries. 

Note: You must replace all 10 batteries at once! Do not replace individual batteries. This can affect the unit when performing a rescue.

Kit contents

  • 1 set of ZOLL® CPR-D•padzâ„¢
  •   1 set (10)  Type 123 Lithium batteries
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