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Basic/Advanced Wilderness First-aid instructor


This 16 hours course is for Red Cross First-Aid Instructors, and is also open to Instructor Candidates who have already completed the "Fundamentals Of Instruction" part of the FAI program.

Get prepared for your Red Cross Wilderness and Advanced Wilderness First-aid instructors certificate in two days! This is a discipline-specific course for current FAI instructors, or those who have taken the Red Cross Fundamentals of Instruction Course module. Please email or call to find out if you qualify for this course.

This course provides candidates with the knowledge and skills necessary to teach Canadian Red Cross Wilderness and Advanced Wilderness first aid courses*. The candidates are expected to have finely tuned first aid and CPR technical skills, therefore this course focuses on how to teach and facilitate First aid and CPR skills in a Wilderness/Remote setting.

* This discipline specific course is separate from the regular discipline specific first-aid program. It does not allow you to teach the Standard First-aid, Emergency First-aid, and regular CPR programs, it is only for Wilderness First-aid Instruction.

With this certification you would be able to teach the Canadian Red Cross Basic Wilderness First-aid, and Advanced Wilderness First-aid, as well as the recertification for all of these course.

In order to complete certification, all instructor candidates must complete teaching experience with a Teaching Experience Supervisor. If you wish to do your Teaching experience with us as well, a teaching experience package is available through Alert First-Aid for an additional $360 (per 20 hour co-teach).

Full Course Length: 16 Hours

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