Incident Investigation

Incident Investigation

Number of people to train Price/person  
1-10 $32.95  
11-25 $30.95  
26-50 $27.95  
51-100 $25.95  
101-500 $22.95  
Price : $32.95

60 minute average runtime

Incident Investigation Online Training Course


On-site accidents happen every day throughout the country. Accidents cause serious injuries, disrupt productivity, and cut into business profits. With just this one comprehensive course, business owners can learn how to use the Incident Investigation procedure to eliminate future accidents.

Not only does Incident Investigation reporting help employees, but it also helps to improve business efficiency and lower liability risk. In this course, managers and supervisors will learn the correct way to respond to an incident report, how to complete an accident form, and how to use this information to prevent accidents from occurring.



  • Intro to Accident/Incident Investigations

  • Gathering Info About the Event
  • Analyzing the Facts Related to the Event
  • Implementing Corrective Measures to Prevent Reoccurrence
  • Regulatory Requirements
  • Description of an Investigation Kit

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