Supervisor Due Diligence

Supervisor Due Diligence

Number of people to train Price/person  
1-10 $124.95  
11-25 $99.95  
26-50 $84.95  
51-100 $69.95  
101-500 $49.95  
Price : $124.95

60 minute average runtime

Supervisor Due Diligence Online Training Course

Our Manager & Supervisor Due Diligence course will provide participants with an understanding of the "responsibilities" and "reasonable steps" to be taken for the protection of all workplace parties.

This course will also explore the obligations and potential liabilities of company owners, managers, and supervisors, and will discuss the elements critical to a strong health and safety program and safety management system. Upon successful completion, a certificate will be issued automatically.

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What is Due Diligence

  • Defense against liability
  • Reasonable care

Internal Responsibility System

  • IRS, culture of workplace safety
  • Safety committees
  • Worker representation
  • Cooperation, communication, accountability

Responsibility, Authority and Accountability

  • Employer, supervisor, worker responsibilities
  • Relationship with authorities
  • Workplace & equipment inspections
  • Handling hazardous materials
  • Accident investigations

Establishing Due Diligence

  • Health & Safety policies & procedures
  • Training
  • Joint Health & Safety Committee (JHSC)
  • Workplace inspections and monitoring
  • Documentation system
  • Contractors
  • Work Refusals
  • New employee orientation

Criminal Code of Canada

  • Bill C-45 and Due Diligence for owners, employers, managers and supervisors
  • Criminal negligence by a corporation or an individual
  • Legal duties of employees, supervisors, managers and owners
  • Fines and consequences of conviction

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