Workplace Inspection

Workplace Inspection

Number of people to train Price/person  
1-10 $32.95  
11-25 $30.95  
26-50 $27.95  
51-100 $25.95  
101-500 $22.95  
Price : $32.95

60 minute average runtime

Workplace Inspection Online Training Course

If your workplace is experiencing loss in the form of heightened risk, wasted time, or inefficiency, the culprit might be an ineffective Workplace Inspection process. Our Safety Inspection training offers a comprehensive solution.

A workplace inspection is a systematic and meticulously planned walk-through of your place of business or your current worksite. These safety inspection procedures can help dramatically improve safety standards, ensure that your workplace is compliant with the law, and identify factors that could contribute to an illness or injury. This high quality workplace inspection course will guide you and your staff through the process of understanding the importance of regular inspections, holding effective inspections, and creating effective workplace inspection templates for identifying hazards.

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  • Inspection Basics
  • Pre-Inspection Activity
  • Performing the Inspection


Each of these modules contains several subtopics and areas of exploration. After you complete this easy-to-follow and interactive online Workplace Inspection course, you'll be automatically provided with a 3-year Workplace Inspection certificate.

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