Enform Bear Awareness

Enform Bear Awareness

Number of people to train Price/person  
1-10 $54.95  
10-250 $49.95  
26-50 $44.95  
51-100 $39.95  
101-500 $37.95  
Price : $54.95

Bear Awareness

Bear Awareness is a course that introduces the three types of bears in North America and how to deal with encounters. Coexistence is the driving message. Participants learn how to identify bear types, their behaviours, ranges, habitats and the difference between defensive and predatory bear attacks. Also discussed is how to handle and/or prevent a bear encounter with deterrents, if an attack should occur.



This is an awareness course and is graded as either complete or incomplete. Once complete, a registrant can print a course completion status report. You will receive a permanent Certificate of Completion. Certificates of Completion for this course do not expire.

Additional Notes:

Once the course is complete, a registrant can print a program completion report. A permanent certificate will be mailed to the address provided on the student profile within two weeks.

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