Enform Wildlife Awareness

Enform Wildlife Awareness

Number of people to train Price/person  
1-10 $154.95  
11-25 $139.95  
26-50 $129.95  
51-100 $124.95  
101-500 $119.95  
Price : $154.95

6 Hours

Providing field workers with a basic knowledge for working safely in remote and wilderness habitats, this program promotes the safe co-existence with wildlife. This highly interactive internet-based program is suitable for novice, intermediate and supervisory level workers. The program delivery format makes ample use of multi-media in a variety of situations. Wildlife Awareness has a total run-time of approximately four to six hours.

Topics include regulations for wildlife protection; large ungulates; noxious plants and insects, spiders and reptiles; transmissible diseases associated with wildlife contact, bear and other carnivores.

This program is endorsed by CAGC, CAPP, PSAC, and Sustainable Resource Development (SRD).

Total running time of the program is approximately 6 hours. This is an awareness program and is graded as either complete or incomplete.

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