Serviced Cardiac Science Powerheart G3


If you are looking for an AED and it looks like the price tag is a bit much this refurbished Cardiac Science AED will be perfect for you. The Powerheart G3 Plus introduced industry-leading features such as fully automatic functionality and pre-connected rescue pads. These features and other patented technologies provide rescuers around the world with the confidence to respond to an emergency. Rescue Ready technology provides assurances that your G3 Plus will be ready when called upon while RescueCoach prompting guides users through the entire rescue. 

**Serviced AEDs are not always in stock. Please contact us to verify.


Kit contents

  • Defibrilation Pads ( 1.5 Year Shelf Life)
  • Intellisense Battery 
  • Powerheart G3 Case
  • AED Prep Kit
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