Alert First Aid FAQ

Alert First Aid FAQ

FAQ's for First-Aid courses

What is the best first aid course to take?

It really depends on why you are taking the course! Our most popular first aid course is our standard first aid course. We offer this first aid course weekly in Vancouver, Duncan, Nanaimo and Victoria. If you are not sure what course is best just give us a call.

Is BLS just a different name for CPR HCP, or are HCP and BLS completely different?

BLS is a new course that is vastly different from HCP, from the target audience to the curriculum and content. BLS is focused on high performance resuscitation and professional skills and does not provide prevention education and address other first aid components as was the case in our HCP curriculum.

Why is Red Cross sunsetting HCP

BLS training supersedes CPR HCP training. The introduction of BLS means CPR HCP is no longer needed – audiences who previously requested the CPR HCP Course will either take CPR C or BLS training depending on the skills needed.

Why is BLS only a one-year certification?

One year is the industry standard for BLS due to the high skill competency required. Resuscitation skills deteriorate over time and professional responders working in a team environment must know all positions and the skills within those positions. In a cardiac arrest event, any team member may be assigned to any role and must be competent to fulfill their duties.

What is Basic Life Support?

Basic Life Support (BLS) is the recognition of, and initial intervention or treatment given by pre-hospital or in-facility responders to, a patient suffering from cardiac arrest or respiratory arrest.

If I take a course with Alert First-Aid how long is the certificate good for?

Alert First-Aid is a Training Partner for the Canadian Red Cross. All of the Red Cross First-Aid and CPR certifications that we offer valid for 3 years.

When will you tell me if your course is NOT going to run?

99% of our first-aid courses in Victoria run. We just started running First-aid courses in Nanaimo and we are doing our best to make sure they will run . If you are concerned your course is going to be canceled. You can also go to your course date online and click on the more details button. Below the register button if the course is going to run to it will say \\\\\\\"THIS COURSE IS GUARANTEED TO RUN\\\\\\\". You can also just give us a call.

I require a AED (Automated External Defibrillator) certificate. Are they included in your first-aid and CPR courses.

Yes AED certification is included in all Red Cross First-Aid and CPR courses.

When will I get my link to complete the online portion of the course?

Within 1 business day of registering for the course, you will receive an email from the Canadian Red Cross with a link to access your online MyRedCross profile and take your online course.

I have taken First-Aid with CPR level A in the past now I require CPR level C. Can I take a recertification course or do I have to take the whole course again?

If you have taken a A level CPR you can upgrade to CPR C or CPR HCP in recert course as long a your are eligible for a recert. ( See FAQ on recerts)

I have taken my a first-aid training with St.John Ambulance in the past. Am I eligible to take a recertification first-aid course with Red Cross?

Yes you can as long as your award is still valid. If your certification has expired you will need to take a full course. We will recertify first-aid certificates from any nationally recognized first-aid training provider. This includes St.John Ambulance, The Lifesaving society, The Heart and Stroke foundation or WCB. If there is a provider that is not listed please contact us. Once you take a recertification course with us you will receive a Red Cross First-Aid Certificate good for 3 years

How long will it take to get my first-aid certificate after I have taken done my training?

Canadian Red Cross virtual certificates can take up to 10 business days to process, and you'll receive your certificate by email directly from the Canadian Red Cross. Blended courses will often be a bit faster, and you can always ask your instructor for a temporary certificate to use in the meantime. FOODSAFE certificates are mailed to the address you filled out on your registration form, and can take 2-3 months to reach you. In the meantime, your temporary certificate acts as proof of completion for 90 days. In certain cases (WorkSafeBC courses), you'll receive your certificate at the end of the day.

How much does it cost to take first aid course?

First Aid course prices range depending on the course that you are taking and the location that you are taking it at. Our course prices range from $ 45 dollars for a 4 hour course to $ 850 for a two week WCB level 3.

What is your cancellation policy?

FOR COURSES UNDER 20 HOURS: Requests to reschedule must be received two (2) full business days prior to the scheduled start date of the course, and a $25 service fee will be charged. Requests to cancel/withdraw/refund must be received two (2) full business days prior to the scheduled start date of the course or the course fee will be forfeited. A $40 service fee will be charged for all withdrawals. FOR COURSES OVER 20 HOURS: Requests to reschedule or cancel/withdraw/refund must be received five (5) full business days prior to the scheduled start date of the class or the course fee will be forfeited. A $150.00 service fee will be charged for all changes. Students who are not able to attend the course in its entirety will be required to exit the current course, pay a $150.00 rescheduling fee and attend the next available full course of instruction.

FAQs for First-aid Kits and Supplies

What is your refund policy?

One year limited warranty on any defective products. If the product is found to be defective we will reimburse all shipping costs. 20% restocking fee on all returns & cancellations; only unopened product accepted for return; all returns must be pre-authorized. Shipping & handling is paid by customer. Cancelled orders must be received before the order is processed. Product & Pricing are subject to change and/or substitution without notice.

Can I set up an account for my workplace?

Yes just give us a call we can set up an account for you and bill you after shipping.

How do you ship your first-aid supplies and first-aid kits?

We ship all of our first-aid kits and first-aid supplies via Canada Post Expedited. If you would like use to Express Post or Priority please let us know.

How long will it take for me to get my first-aid supplies?

It depends on where you are located. We ship all of our orders with 48 hrs of receiving the order. If you would like an estimate please contact us.

FAQs for AED

What are your shipping rates?

If you put all the items you are interested in purchasing into the shopping cart it will give you a fairly accurate shipping price without having to add any credit card information.

Does the Philips AED have a warranty?

Yes both the Philips Onsite AED and the Philips FRX AED have an 8 year warranty.

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