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Online Lockout Course - FAQs

If you have any questions about the Alert First Aid Lockout Online Training course you should find it here. If you have a question that's not answered here, please give us a call at (250) 595-5323 or 1-866-282-5378 and we'll be happy to answer it for you immediately.

Who Needs Lockout Training?

Uncontrolled energy has the potential to cause harm. Employees that have the ability to maintain, clean, oil, adjust and repair equipment must have Lockout Training.

The employer must establish a program consisting of energy control procedures, employee training and periodic inspections to ensure that before any employee performs any servicing or maintenance on a machine or equipment where the unexpected energizing, startup or release of stored energy could occur and cause injury, the machine or equipment shall be isolated from the energy source and rendered inoperative.

What do you mean by Lockout?

To Lockout means to physically neutralize all energies in a piece of equipment before beginning any maintenance or repair work. Lockout is needed because power sources can be turned on by mistake before the work is completed which will result in serious injuries and fatalities.

What is Tagout?

Tagout is a companion to Lockout procedures. It means to apply visible tags to identify that the equipment has been locked out properly.

Who can remove lockout equipment?

Workers should always apply and remove their own locks. However, in the event that the worker who applied a lock is unable to remove it (e.g. due to sudden illness or injury) the lock can be removed only under the direction and in the presence of the worker’s supervisor who has assessed the situation and determined that it is safe to remove the lock.

How can we lockout and tag equipment when more than one discipline is involved, e.g. mechanical and electrical engineers?

Each trade must apply their own padlock to the clamp. The locked-out device cannot be activated until all workers have signed off on their portion of the project and removed their padlock from the clamp.

What is the safety standard for Lockout in Canada?

Do I only have to train the people who actually work on Lockout?

No, ALL workers should understand the basic concepts of hazardous energy control. This includes energy isolation, locking and tagging of control devices, verifying de-energization, and how to clear danger points before re-energizing equipment or machinery.

How often should workers be retrained on Lockout?

Alert First Aid recommends that retraining should be performed every 2 years. We have observed poor safety behaviour in even the most experienced operators. A periodic reminder of safety practices is a wise precaution for due diligence purposes.

Where can I find the Lockout regulations that apply in my province?

These are provided for you to review in the Alert First Aid Lockout Course.

What training records must be retained for Lockout Training?

Employers are required to retain written records of employee education records to ensure proof of compliance to the Regulations. The Alert First Aid Learning Management System provides a Certificate upon successful completion of any of our online safety training programs and maintains records on our computer to prove due diligence.

How long will it take me to complete the Lockout training course?

Between 1-2 hours.

What do I do if I forget my password?

Give us a call or drop us a email.

Can I leave the course open in the background while I do other work?

Yes, no problem. 

What do I do if I run out of time? Do I have to complete in 1 session?

You can take the Lockout course in as many sessions, and as long as you like. The system will just time you out if there is no activity for a while, but you can just log in again and continue the course from where you left off.

What happens if I don't pass the final test?

You are allowed to repeat any or all sections of the course as many times as you need. You can take the final test up to 3 times to achieve the passing grade of 80%.

Once I have completed the course, do I get a certificate proving I have completed a Lockout training course?

Yes the administrator can print a training certificate once you pass the final test.

What happens if I fail, do I have to pay again?

Not at all. You are allowed to take the final test 3 times.

What if I lose my proof of training certificate or wallet card?

The training administrator can reprint the wallet card or Lockout training certificate for you.

How can I pay for the course?

You can pay online or give us a call we take Visa or Mastercard over the phone.

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