First-Aid Kits

First-Aid Kits

You will not see a huge selection of first-aid kits here because we do not want to overwhelm our clients with selection. Here you will see our basic first-aid kits and deluxe first-aid kits. 

The basic kits are kits that have everything that you would need at a first-aid emergency gauze, gloves, facemask, scissor, tweezers, bandaids, and blanket. The deluxe kit have a higher quality 

instruments, facemask, more gauze, bandaids ad well as items that you will be glad that you have at the scene of an accident such as glowstick, eyewash, eye cup and lots of other great products.

 If you would like us to add something to your kit give us a call and we can talk you through what supplies you require to meet your first-aid needs. 

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