First-aid course

Try our fun, hands on realistic first-aid training in a no pressure learning environment

First Responder

This hands-on 40 hour course trains people how to react and improvise during time-priority, life threatening emergencies. This course covers scene management, disease transmission, establishing priorities of care, anatomy & physiology, respiratory emergencies, airway and ventilation, circulatory emergencies, bleeding, and shock. Participants also learn how to treat traumatic injuries, including soft tissue, musculoskeletal, head & spine, chest, abdominal and pelvic injuries. Treatment of medical emergencies including sudden illnesses, poisoning and heat- and cold-related emergencies will also be covered, as will special populations and situations like crisis intervention, childbirth, transportation and multiple casualty incidents.  Participants spend the majority of the course doing hands-on first-aid training. By practicing with scenarios, students gain confidence and learn to react and improvise in emergency situations.

Note the recertification for the course and the full coruse requires the completion of a pre course assignement. Please alot at least 6 hours to complete this. 

Full Course Length: 40 Hours
Recertification: 20 Hours

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