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WHMIS online training programs are easily administered with our LMS ( Learning Management System)

The Alert First-Aid inc Learning Management System (LMS) simplifies the administration, documentation, tracking, hosting and reporting of all our online Health & Safety training programs, including the online WHMIS training course. Ongoing record keeping facilities include the identification of expiring training certificates and proof of due diligence.

The LMS gives adminstrators an easier and faster way to ensure compliance

Once the WHMIS course has been purchased the client will be provided an ID and password with which to access our LMS. Each WHMIS course purchased will be assigned an access code. In other words, if the client purchased 10 WHMIS courses and 2 Managers & Supervisors Due Diligence courses they will be given 10 access codes for WHMIS and 2 for Due Diligence.

The LMS allows the administrator to assign these access codes to selected employees, advising them by email how to use the system.

As the trainees take their training courses, the Administrator can monitor their progress and test results, including the results of the final examination.

After the employee has passed the final test, the administrator is able to print a wallet card or wall certificate for the employee and one for the personnel file.

The Alert First-Aid Inc LMS remains available to the administrator even after the WHMIS course has been completed so that expiring training certificates can be monitored. The system is also used by clients to prove due diligence to regulation authorities, and sometimes even the police.

The Alert First-Aid inc LMS is extremely easy to use and clients are typically able to begin training within minutes of receiving their access codes.

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