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Online Aerial Lift Course - FAQs

If you have any questions about the Alert First Aid online Aerial Lift Training course you should find the answer here. If you have a question that's not answered here, please give us a call at (250) 595-5323 or 1-866-282-5378 and we'll be happy to answer it for you immediately.

What is Aerial Lift?

Aerial lift devices are often referred to by different names: Aerial Work Platforms,Scissor Lifts, Articulating Boom lifts, Genie Lifts, and Zoom Booms.

Who needs Aerial Lift Training in Canada?

Any person who uses these devices should receive Aerial Lift Training in order to be designated as a competent person. Every worker operating an aerial lifting device must undergo training in compliance with CSA 354.2-01 Self Propelled Work Platforms. Many provinces also require that training on the theory of operating these devices be complemented by practical training by an instructor.

What CSA Standards apply to Aerial Lift devices?

For Self-Propelled Elevating Work Platforms: 

For Self Propelled Boom-Supported Elevating Work platforms:

Will trainees require a practical test as well as the theory provided by your course?

Alert First Aid recommends (and most provinces insist) that operators receive a practical test carried out by a competent person following the course. Unfortunately, the regulations are not specific about the required qualifications of those deemed to be ‘competent’. CSA standards require that only qualified persons who have been trained regarding the inspection, operation, and application of an aerial platform, including the recognition and avoidance of hazards associated with the operation, shall operate an aerial platform.

How often should operators be retrained in Aerial Lift?

Neither the Legislation nor the CSA states a training interval. Alert First Aid recommends that Aerial Lift retraining should be performed at 2 year intervals. A periodic reminder of safety practices is a wise precaution for due diligence purposes.

Where can I find the Aerial Lift regulations that apply in my province?

These are provided for you to review in the Alert First Aid Aerial Lift Course. A brief overview can be found here.

What training records need to be retained for Aerial Lift Training?

Employers are required to retain written records of employee education to ensure proof of compliance with the Regulations. The Alert First Aid Learning Management System provides a Certificate upon successful completion of our training program and maintains records on our computer to prove Due Diligence.

How long will it take me to complete the Aerial Lift training course?

Between 1-2 hours.

What do I do if I forget my password?

Give us a call or drop us a email.

Can I leave the course open in the background while I do other work?

Yes, no problem. 

What do I do if I run out of time? Do I have to complete in 1 session?

You can take the Aerial Lift course in as many sessions, and as long as you like. The system will just time you out if there is no activity for a while, but you can just log in again and continue the course from where you left off.

What happens if I don't pass the final test?

You are allowed to repeat any or all sections of the course as many times as you need. You can take the final test up to 3 times to achieve the passing grade of 80%.

Once I have completed the course, do I get a certificate proving I have completed a Aerial Lift training course?

Yes the administrator can print a training certificate once you pass the final test.

What happens if I fail, do I have to pay again?

Not at all. You are allowed to take the final test 3 times.

What if I lose my proof of training certificate or wallet card?

The training administrator can reprint the wallet card or Aerial Lift training certificate for you.

How can I pay for the course?

You can pay online or give us a call we take Visa or Mastercard over the phone.

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