We are postponing all in-person courses until further notice due to COVID-19. We want to do our part to help slow the spread of this virus, and are unable to carry on in-person first aid or Foodsafe courses while maintaining social distancing. We are looking into alternative delivery methods, and will resume courses as soon as it is safe to do so.

With the healthcare workers putting their lives at risk and the shortage that is sure to come, our incoming masks will now be reserved for health organizations that need them. We are reaching out and working alongside them to ensure they have the protection they need. If this is you, you can see what we have available here – let us know how we can help.

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Airway Management

Due to COVID-19, all in-person courses have been postponed until further notice.

We are working on alternate delivery methods and will have more information soon. We will be running in-person courses again as soon as it is safe to do so.

Do you want to take a course in Airway Management?

This course is designed to provide participants with the knowledge and skills to create a patent airway, the interventions to maintain it, and the equipment available to carry out these skills.

Participants will gain the knowledge and skills required to provide the appropriate interventions, including measuring and inserting the applicable airway adjunct based on the patient’s condition.

Course Schedule 

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Course Content

Opening the mouth   • Cross finger technique
Cross finger technique   Tongue-jaw lift
Airway adjuncts – insertion and removal   Oropharyngeal (OPA) airways
Nasopharyngeal (NPA) airways   Supraglottic airways (Awareness only)


Participant Materials
• Canadian Red Cross Basic Life Support Field Guide


Full Course Length: 1 Hours

Click here to view the Red Cross Airway Management Brouchure

Our Clients Say

"I am so impress with this course. It was just the right amount of training. The instuctor was amazing. Great customer service!! Thanks I will be back."

Denise Appleton 

Vancouver BC 

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Who takes this course? 

In-facility and health care providers (nursing, care aides, dental industry, medical offices etc.), pre-hospital care groups (fire departments, rescue teams, sports therapists, lifeguards, SCUBA divers, ski patrol, etc.).