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Oxygen Therapy

Do you want to take a course in Oxygen Therapy?

This course is designed to provide participants with the knowledge and skills to correctly identify when it is necessary to administer supplemental oxygen.

Participants will learn how to properly and safely handle and assemble the equipment, and how to correctly deliver supplemental oxygen through the appropriate delivery device. You can add this one to most first aid courses or take it as a Stand-alone

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Duration Stand-alone course – 1-2 hours Combined with BLS – 1 hour

Completion • Successfully demonstrate all course skill competencies • Minimum 75% mark for written, closed book, knowledge evaluation • Attend and participate in 100% of the course

Course Content

Supplemental oxygen   Oxygen delivery devices
Oxygen cylinders   Administering oxygen
  Oxygen regulators   Pulse Oximetry


Red Cross certificates are now virtual! You will receive a temporary certificate at the end of your course, and your permanent certificate (valid for 3 years) will be emailed to you after the course has taken place.

Canadian Red Cross First Aid App

The official Canadian Red Cross First Aid app puts lifesaving advice in your hands. Available for Apple and Android mobile devices, the app helps you maintain your first aid skills and respond to everyday emergencies. By downloading the app on your smartphone or tablet, you get instant access to videos (like the one below), interactive quizzes and simple step-by-step advice to help you maintain your life-saving skills and respond when needed. It is even fully integrated with 911, so you can call EMS from the app at any time.

Canadian Red Cross First Aid App    Canadian Red Cross First Aid App

Full Course Length: 1 Hours

Schedule and Online registration for Victoria BC

Schedule and Online registration for Vancouver BC

Click here to view the Oxygen Therapy First Aid Training Fact Sheet

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Who should take this course:

  • Nurses
  • care aides,
  • dental industry,
  • medical offices 
  • fire departments
  • rescue teams,
  • sports therapists 
  • lifeguards 
  • SCUBA divers
  • ski patrol