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First-aid course

Try our fun, hands on realistic first-aid training in a no pressure learning environment

First Aid & CPR Instructor Recertification Spoke

In July 2020, the Canadian Red Cross introduced new discipline-specific Instructor Recertification courses.

An evolution to their previous model, the discipline-specific recertification courses align with the Instructor Development Program and respect the difference in skills needed and target audiences for each discipline.

In the previous model, recertifying a Professional Responder or Wilderness & Remote First Aid Instructor certification recertifies all other Instructor certifications automatically.

Under the new model, instructors will need to recertify each of their certifications separately (First Aid Instructor, First Responder Instructor, Wilderness  Remote First Aid Instructor, etc.).

Every instructor needs to attend a four-hour Instructor Recertification Hub and the appropriate discipline-specific components:

First Aid & CPR Discipline Specific Instructor Recertification (virtual classroom) (this course)
Professional Responder Discipline Specific Instructor Recertification (not available via virtual classroom at this time)
Wilderness & Remote First Aid Discipline Specific Instructor Recertification (not available via virtual classroom at this time)


*Successful completion of the Instructor Recertification Hub also recertifies your Teaching Experience Supervisor and/or Youth Leader certification (if held).

Once registered for the course, Instructor candidates will be given access to the First Aid Programs Recertification Workbook 2020-2023 (digital format).


Pre-course Requirements:

One course must have been taught in the Core Instructor designation Note: Courses which were taught in combination (e.g., Standard First Aid and CPR C) do not count as separate courses for the purpose of recertification prerequisites.

Full Course Length: 4 Hours

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