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Affordable - no travel, less time, lower training fees, more value! Our online training helps to reduce costs and accelerate knowledge. We work diligently to provide easy to understand and compliant health & safety training online.

Interactive - We've taken lessons learned from years of health &am safety training on the field, including feedback from health and safety facilitators and clients, and developed training videos and online training incorporating interactive responses and feedback.

Forward Looking - Use our Ask the Trainer button for safety questions and for advice on regulations and how they apply to your situation.

Course Definitions

WHMIS - Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System - WHMIS is a Canadian regulation which requires all employees who come in contact with hazardous materials to be fully trained. Those providing WHMIS controlled products used at work sites and workers who use these materials throughout the course of their workday must be trained in WHMIS. In addition, if a worksite has WHMIS products
on-site then all employees must be trained in WHMIS. Those involved in delivering or moving WHMIS products must also be trained in the Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG)

Arial Lift - Arial Lift devices are typically used in the construction and warehousing industry. However, due to the versatility and safety features incorporated into these devices it is more common to see aerial lift devices being utilized in almost any environment.

Confined Space -The legal definition of what a "confined space" is varies according to provincial regulations. However, Confined Spaces can be very dangerous places unles proper procedures are followed prior to entry. These procedures may call for the use of Fall Arrest or Fall Protectionequipment and the proper use of Lockout and Tagout processes. A full set of Confined Space policies, procedures and entry permits must be completed before safe entry is permitted.

Fall Protection/Fall Arrest - Fall Protection is a system that is designed to protect workers from the risk of falls when working at elevated heights. Fall Protection is a combination of fall prevention techniques, travel restraints and fall protection equipment such as harnesses.loaders within a company. These employees must also be fully trained in WHMIS.

ForkLift/Lift Truck - Forklifts and Lift Trucks are wheeled vehicles used to move and handle materials safely and efficiently in many environments. The widespread use of Forklifts and Lift Trucks requires that individuals working with and around these vehicles recognize the hazards associated with them as well as the environment in which they operate.

Lockout - To "Lockout" means to physically neutralize all energies in a piece of equipment before beginning any maintenance or repair work. Lockout is needed because power sources can be turned on by mistake before the work is completed which will result in serious injuries and fatalities. "Tagout" is a companion to Lockout procedures. It means to apply visible tags to identify that the equipment has been locked out properly.

Manager and Supervisor Due Diligence - The Health & Safety of employees has become the personal and legal responsibilities of employers and managers. If an accident, injury or fatality were to occur then the police, Ministry of Labour and Workers Compensation Authorities will become involved and hold employers and managers/supervisors responsible. Anyone in the chain of command, from the injured employee's supervisor to the owner of the business, must be able to prove that they have done their Due Diligence in their approach to the health & safety of their employees.

Office Ergonomics -Ergonomics is concerned with the overuse and "wear and tear" on the human body which is likely to cause injuries. These injuries continue to be among the most costly work related injuries in industry today. Ergonomics measures and assesses human performance, ensuring the physical and bio-mechanical safety of workers and a means for improving work efficiency and productivity.

TDG - Transportation of Dangerous Goods - Transportation of Dangerous Goods is a Canadian regulation. Anyone who handles or transports a TDG controlled product (i.e. a WHMIS product) is required to be trained in TDG. This includes the shipping and receiving department as well as both drivers and loaders within a company. These employees must also be fully trained in WHMIS.

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