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WHMIS (GHS) Training

Manitoba Legislation

Manitoba Fire Safety

This material has been extracted from the Acts and Regulations of the Province to help students understand the subject. It is not an official source of information and must not be used for any other purpose.

The permission to reproduce this material is provided by the Queens Printer for Manitoba. The Queens Printer does not warrant the accuracy or currency of the reproduction of this information.

Workplace Safety and Health Regulation
Regulation 217/2006
Registered October 31, 2006

Safe access and egress

13.1(1) An employer and an owner must provide and maintain a safe means of access to and egress from
(a) the workplace; and
(b) all work-related areas at a workplace.

13.1(2) An employer and an owner must ensure that each means of access and egress
(a) complies with the Manitoba Building Code and Manitoba Fire Code;
(b) is free from all obstructions, including obstructions from materials and equipment and accumulations of waste and ice and snow; and
(c) has sufficient traction to allow workers to move safely.

Temporary doorways: construction project site
13.2 An employer and a prime contractor must ensure that a temporary doorway used for access or egress at a construction project site
(a) is designed and constructed to open outward from the workplace; and
(b) is not locked in the closed position when a worker is at the site.

13.3(1) An employer must ensure that doors to and from a workplace or work area can be opened without substantial effort and are not obstructed.

13.3(2) When an enclosed area may create a risk to the safety or health of a worker entering it, an employer must ensure that a door used to enter or leave the area
(a) is kept in good working order; and
(b) has a means of opening it from the inside.
Secondary means of egress

13.4 An employer must ensure that there is a ready, convenient and safe secondary means of egress from the workplace that is conspicuously marked and readily usable at all times if
(a) the primary means of egress from a workplace becomes unusable because of a malfunction of equipment or a work process; or
(b) a worker could be isolated from the primary means of egress.

Emergency exits
13.5 An employer and an owner must ensure that emergency exits and means of
egress from a workplace are conspicuously marked and designed to enable quick and
unimpeded evacuation of the workplace.
Stairs to be provided

13.6(1) When work at a construction project site on a multi-storey building or structure has progressed to 10 or more metres above ground level, an employer and a prime contractor must ensure that permanent or temporary stairs to the ground are provided from each working level of the project.

13.6(2) Subsection (1) does not apply to the erection of structural framing.

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