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WHMIS (GHS) Training

Newfoundland Legislation


Workplace Violence & Harassment

This is not an official source of information. It has been assembled as a convenience to students for reference and further study. Some extracts from official sources such as Regulations are provided. These are not guaranteed to

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Occupational Health and Safety Regulations, 2009

under the Occupational Health and Safety Act

(O.C . 2009-233)

(Filed August 7, 2009 )





Violence prevention

22. (1) In this section and sections 23 and 24 , "violence" means the attempted or actual exercise by a person, other than a worker, of physical force to cause injury to a worker, and includes threatening statements or behaviour which gives a worker reason to believe that he or she is at a risk of injury.

(2) An employer risk assessment shall be performed in a workplace in which a risk of injury to workers from violence arising out of their employment may be present.

(3) The risk assessment shall include the consideration of

(a) previous experience in the workplace;

(b) occupational experience in similar workplaces; and

(c) the location and circumstances in which work may take place.


Procedures and policies

23. Where a risk of injury to workers from violence is identified by an assessment performed under section 22 the employer shall

(a) establish procedures, policies and work environment arrangements to eliminate the risk to workers from violence; and

(b) where elimination of the risk to workers is not possible, establish procedures, policies and work environment arrangements to minimize the risk to workers.


Instruction to workers

24. (1) An employer shall inform workers who may be exposed to the risk of violence of the nature of the risk and the precautions that may be taken.

(2) The duty to inform workers in subsection (1) includes a duty to provide information related to the risk of violence from persons who have a history of violent behaviour and whom workers are likely to encounter in the course of their work.



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