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Toddler First-Aid

Alert First-Aid has partnered with Mothering Touch to offer Infant First-Aid and Child First-Aid courses. Mothering Touch is an amazing local organization for new and expecting parents. Please note that these courses are held at the Mothering Touch Centre on 975 Fort Street.

First Aid for Toddlers - Did you know that according to CPR guidelines that an infant becomes a child after age one? This means different CPR techniques are used for toddlers. As all parents know, dealing with a toddler is entirely different than dealing with an infant. This 2-hour course covers how to clear a child's airway, child CPR, how and when to call 911, and recognition and treatment of spinal injuries.

As your toddler gets older and explores, small wound incidents increase. This course will also cover how to clean and treat small wounds, what type of injuries require stitches, and how to prevent infections. This course will also touch on what to do in case of poisoning or a severe allergic reaction. This class is suitable for Parent of children over 1. If have an infant that is 12 months or under we would recommend the Infant First-aid course.   This class is for adults only.

If you would like to register online click here to go directly to the Mothering Touch online registration page.

If you think you would like to set up a private child CPR course, we can come to you and train up to 4 people for $225.00


Full Course Length: 2 Hours
Recertification: 0 Hours

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