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Unveil the Alert Advantage with our Emergency Childcare First Aid course. Experience an enjoyable and informative one-day first aid course in Nanaimo, BC, specifically tailored for child caregivers.

Nanaimo Emergency Childcare First Aid Course - CPR

Nanaimo Emergency Childcare First Aid Course - CPR

Unveil the Alert Advantage with our Emergency Childcare First Aid course. Experience an enjoyable and informative one-day first aid course in Nanaimo, BC, specifically tailored for child caregivers.

re you involved in childcare in Nanaimo, BC? Participate in our engaging Emergency Child Care First Aid course led by our friendly full-time instructors. Discover how to effectively respond to common childhood injuries in a memorable way.

Experience the Nanaimo Emergency Child Care First Aid & CPR Level B course, a one-day basic first aid program. From CPR/AED techniques to wound care and dealing with poisons, this course offers comprehensive coverage. We employ realistic, scenario-based learning, ensuring you leave with confidence to be a child's hero. This course aligns with BC's Child Licensing requirements.

For those seeking a more extensive option, consider our Standard First Aid course. It not only meets licensing requirements but also provides even broader coverage than this one.

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Course Details


  • Understanding the role of the Red Cross
  • Effective responses to emergencies
  • Navigating the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) System
  • Applying the "Check, Call, Care" approach
  • Addressing airway emergencies
  • Managing breathing and circulation emergencies in children and babies
  • Administering for respiratory and cardiac arrest in children and babies
  • Skillfully attending to wounds
  • Managing head, neck, and spinal injuries
  • Dealing with bone, muscle, and joint injuries
  • Responding to sudden medical emergencies
  • Handling cases of environmental illness
  • Managing instances of poisoning

Through this comprehensive course, participants gain the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively respond to a range of emergencies and provide proper care for children in need.


What is the difference between Level 2 and Level 3 First Aid?

OFA Level 3 First Aid attendants learn and practice a number of skills that OFA Level 2 attendants do not. Level 3 is a full two-week (80hr) course compared to Level 2 which is only one-week (40hr). OFA 3 is geared toward people who will be the first aid attendant for worksites that are further from a hospital (more than 20 minutes) where they may need to care for seriously injured workers for a longer time. First and foremost a Level 3 First Aid attendant will learn to move trauma patients, package them for transport, and care for them enroute in an Emergency Transport Vehicle. A Level 3 first aid attendant will also become proficient with a more detailed assessment model and have a greater set of tools for managing patients who are critically injured - including assisted ventilations and other critical interventions.

What level is emergency first aid?

Emergency First Aid is a 1 day course which is equivalent to Worksafe BC OFA Level 1.

What is Level B in first aid?

Level B usually refers to the CPR Level associated specifically with the Emergency Childcare First Aid course. This CPR level is rarely used, but is meant to show that you are certified to do CPR for children and babies, but not adults. CPR C is a much more common certification level and exceeds CPR B (CPR C includes children, babies AND adults) so it will always be acceptable for a licensed childcare facility that requires CPR B.

What is Emergency Level First Aid?

Emergency First Aid is a basic 1 day course that focuses on life saving skills and knowledge. It is the minimum requirement for many jobs, but some employers may require the 2 day Standard First Aid certification instead. Worksafe BC recognizes Red Cross Emergency First Aid certificate as equivalent to OFA Level 1. Topics covered include: Scene Assessment, Primary Assessment, Clearing an Obstructed Airway, CPR with AED, Breathing and Circulation Emergencies, Controlling Severe Bleeds, Basic Minor Wound Management.

Do you need first aid training to be a babysitter?

There are no requirements if you are babysitting a single sibling group or up to 2 children at a time. That being said, many parents would prefer or even require their babysitters to have first aid certification. We think it is very important that anybody who is babysitting children be trained in first aid so that they will know what to do in case there is an emergency even if it isn’t required by law!

Does Emergency First Aid cover children?

Yes, the Emergency First Aid courses that we teach will always touch on how skills might be different when applied to children and give specific instructions for child CPR. If you sign up for Emergency First Aid with CPR C the course will also include CPR and choking procedures for babies. While most first aid topics apply similarly across all age groups, if you are looking for a course with a bit more focus on children then you might prefer to sign up for one of our Emergency Childcare First Aid Courses instead of Emergency First Aid.


Emergency Childcare First Aid Certification process Nanaimo

Canadian Red Cross certificates are now virtual! You will receive a certificate of completion once you've finished the online module, and a permanent virtual certificate will be emailed to you after you've successfully completed the entire course. You will also be able to view your manual and certification online at any time through your MyRedCross account. Certification is valid for 3 years.


There are no recertification classes at this time. Please check back.


Emergency First Aid & CPR Manual Nanaimo

The Emergency Childcare First Aid & CPR course includes the following materials:

  • Canadian Red Cross Childcare First Aid & CPR Manual (virtual)
  • Canadian Red Cross Comprehensive Guide to First Aid (virtual)


Where to find us:

Visit our Nanaimo training courses here.

Nanaimo (109 Finlayson Street)

109 Finlayson Street Nanaimo, B.C. V9R 2P4

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Who should take this course?

  • Childcare Providers
  • Babysitters
  • Summer Camp Counsellors
  • Parents
  • Grandparents

Looking for a group class?

If you have a group of people and would like us to come to you to teach a
Emergency Childcare First Aid Course - CPR course, we offer this course in the following locations:

Nanaimo | Parksville | Qualicum Beach | Lantzville | Comox | Courtenay | Cumberland | Campbell River

Give us a call at 1.866.282.5378, or send us an email at to arrange a group course.

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