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1 Person 72 Hour Emergency Preparedness Kit

    If you want a compact kit that covers all of the basic areas of disaster preparedness, look no further than our 72 Hour Emergency Preparedness Kits. They are designed to be very portable, with a tight focus on what people need to survive!

    This kit is appropriate for 1 person with the recommended amount of food and water for 1 person over 72 hours.

    First-Aid Sanitization
    2- 5x9 sterile ABD pads 1 - garbage bag
    1 - pair nickel plated tweezers 1 - packet of tissue
    1 - pair nickel plated scissors 10 - handcleansers towellets
    1 - bio barrier CPR Mask 1 - toothbrushing sticks
    2 - pair of nitrile gloves Lighting and tools
    1 - bag of assorted bandaids 1 - multitool with pliers, LED light and saw
    1 - 3 inch roller gauze 1 - ready lights (hand squeeze no batteries required)
    Food and water 1 - box of 40 waterproof matches
    6 - 125 ml packets of water (5 years shelf life) Personal Protection
    2 - water purification tablets good for 4 liters of water 1 - set of ear plugs
    1 - 2400 calories food bar (5 years shelf life) 1 - Mylar Emergency Blanket
      5 in 1 whistle includes - Signal Mirror, Flint, Compass, Whistle, water proof match container




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