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2 Person 72 Hour Emergency Preparedness Kit

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When a disaster strikes, one should be prepared to survive for 3 days until help arrives. We have created this 2 Person emergency preparedness kit to strike a balance between survival supplies and first aid to help two people be ready for an emergency to happen. With enough to survive, kept in a small enough bag to easily grab and go you will be prepared to last those long 72 hours.

Disaster Supplies

2 3600 Calorie Food Bar 12 125ml Drinking Water
1 Utility Knife 1 Orange Safety Whistle
1 Garbage Bag 1 Emergency Blanket
2 Emergency Tissues 2 Set of Earplugs
1 Book of Matches 2 Ready Light (wind-up)
1 Emergency Kit 2 Dust Mask


First Aid Supplies

20 Hand Cleansing Towelettes 1 Waterproof Tape
2 5" x 9: Sterile ABD Pads 1 Nickle Plated Tweezers
1 2" x 3" Heavy Duty Patch Bandage 1 Nickel Plated Scissors
2 Cloth Knuckle Bandage 1 Bio Barrier Face Shield
2 Cloth Finger Tip Bandage 2 Pair of Nitrile Gloves
5 1" x 3" Plastic Strip Bandage 1 3" Roller Gauze