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If your only action plan when your car breaks down involves calling a towing company, you have not planned enough.

The most comprehensive roadside kit yet, the Winter Roadside Kit is prepared to help you combat the snowy driving season. This kits teams a Roadside First Aid and Safety Kit (including 72 first aid tools) with provisions to keep you warm and sustained (mylar sleeping bag, handwarmers, 40-hour candle, food, and water rations).

In addition to this, we've included a robust, heavy-duty traction mat and collapsible snow shovel to get out of the deep snow, and booster cables in case you encounter a dead battery (whether yours or someone else's).

This kit is packed into a durable, easy-to-find, high visibility backpack that fits perfectly in the trunk of your vehicle for easy access in case of emergency.


1 Multi-function Flashlight

1 Box of Waterproof Matches

1 Nylon Backpack

1 Pair of Handwarmers

1 Mylar Sleeping Bag

1 RESQME Escape Tool

1 Roadside First Aid and Safety Kit

1 40-hour Candle

1 3600 Calorie Food Bar

1 Jumper Cable

1 Tissue

1 Snow Shovel

1 Traction Mat

6 Individual Water Rations


Roadside First Aid and Safety Kit Contents:

1 Warning Triangle

1 Large Grey Nitrile-Dipped Gloves

1 Reflective Warning Vest

1 Emergency Hooded Poncho

1 Auto First Aid Kit