Earloop Facemask (Case of 2,500)



These Earloop Facemasks are non-medical masks designed to protect both the user and others from harmful bacteria. With a >95% Bacteria Filtration Efficiency (BFE), this mask is rated for medical use.

These masks are fitted with a pliable metal strip at the top and bottom of the mask to mould over the user's nose, mouth and chin. This allows the mask to achieve the best fit possible to prevent bacterial penetration.

This product is designed for single-use and for a limited duration for maximum filtration efficiency.

Due to the nature of this product, and concerns of health, hygiene, and safety, all orders of this product will be considered final sale.

☑ 3 ply non woven protection mask with earloop 

☑ Multi-layer protection 

☑ Three tiered structure allow for mask to fit on most of population 

☑ High elastic ear band wide body design

☑ >95% filtration efficiency

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