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Belt Loop First-Aid Kit

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This small portable first-kit is great for hiking, cycling or travel. It fits easily in a backpack and contains everything necessary for dealing with minor wounds and small accidents.

When you order this kit  you will get a free bio barrier face mask. This mask will be supplied inside of the kit.

3 Wound cleansing towelettes 2 3"x 3" 8-ply sterile gauze
5 Knuckle bandages 2 2"x 2" 8-ply sterile gauze
5 Hand cleansing towelettes 1 1/2" x 10 yrd paper tape
5 Medium butterfly closures 1 Nickel plated scissors
Sheer spot bandages 1 Nickel plated tweezers
5 1" x 3" cloth strip bandages    
3 Small fingertip bandages 1 Pair of vinyl gloves
5 1" X 3" inch plastic strip 1 2 inch roller gauze
1 5 X 9 Abdominal Pad 1 3" roller gauze
1 6.5" x 4.5 " x 2.5" Belt-Loop Bag 1 5" x 6" instant ice pack