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We kindly ask anyone (participants and instructors) with symptoms of COVID-19 including fever, chills, cough, shortness of breath, sore throat and painful swallowing to stay home and not attend the training session. Instead, please complete the BC COVID-19 Self-Assessment Tool, follow the recommendations given, and rebook your course for a later date. COVID-19 Self-Assessment

During your course, wearing a mask that securely covers the nose, mouth, and chin is mandatory. You may bring your own, or one will be provided when you arrive. Thank you for keeping us and your classmates safe.

We have masks, hand sanitizer and face shields available to purchase here.



Canadian Red Cross Deluxe First Aid Kit

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The Deluxe First Aid Kit is ready to easily manage a wide range of everyday situations.

This kit is designed with easy access in mind. If you are at work, there is a place to mount it on the wall. The interior is sectioned to have everything you need for any scenario all in one place and easy to reach. With the new quick access bandage, no more fumbling with band-aids, just pull one off the dispenser and get things taken care of quickly and easily.

With professional grade products, you will have all the tools you need. This kit includes a CPR Mask with a one-way valve and O2 inlets, providing you with the best possible barrier so you can do the most effective CPR.

From your home, to your car, to your workplace, this Deluxe First Aid Kit is the most recommended kit we have and will provide you with the best value for the cost.


Kit contents

  • Cotton Tip Applicators (10)
  • BZK Towelettes (5)
  • Hand Cleansing Towelettes (5)
  • Sting Relief (5)
  • Burn Relief Gel (2)
  • Eye Cup (1)
  • Quick Bandage (2.5 cm x 7.2 cm) (16)
  • Quick Bandage (1.9 cm x 7.2 cm) (18)
  • Cloth Patch Bandage (5 cm x 7.5 cm) (2)
  • Cloth Knuckle Bandage (3.8 cm x 7.6 cm) (4)
  • Cloth Fingertip Bandage (4.4 cm x 5.1 cm) (4)
  • Butterfly Closures (.95 cm x 2 cm) (5)
  • Sterile Gauze (4
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