Childcare Deluxe First Aid Kit


Ensure the safety and well-being of the little ones with the Childcare Deluxe First Aid Kit - the ultimate solution designed just for you. This comprehensive kit is a must-have for childcare centers, schools, playgroups, and every home where children thrive.

Say goodbye to worries when you have the Childcare Deluxe First Aid Kit by your side. Equipped with an extensive range of essential first aid supplies, this kit empowers you to handle any minor injuries or emergencies with ease. It's your trusty companion in times of need.

Why Choose the Childcare Deluxe First Aid Kit?

  • Comprehensive Protection: This kit includes everything you need to tend to bumps, bruises, and minor scrapes. From adhesive bandages to antiseptic wipes, we've got you covered.
  • Ideal for Every Setting: Whether you're a childcare professional, a teacher, or a parent, this kit is your perfect partner. Keep the kids safe at school, home, or during playdates.
  • Quick and Easy Access: Our thoughtfully designed kit ensures that you can locate the right supplies at a glance. No fumbling during crucial moments.
  • Portable and Durable: Take it anywhere with ease. Its compact size and durable case make it travel-friendly, fitting snugly in your backpack or car.
  • Peace of Mind: With the Childcare Deluxe First Aid Kit, you're not just buying supplies; you're investing in peace of mind. Be prepared and be confident.

Don't wait for emergencies to strike. Act now to protect the children in your care. Click "Add to Cart" and make the Childcare Deluxe First Aid Kit a part of your safety toolkit. Your peace of mind and their well-being are worth it.

Kit contents

  • (10) Hand Cleansing Towelette
  • (5) Castile Soap Towelette
  • (3) Pairs of Nitrile Gloves
  • (10) Fabric Strip Bandage (1''x3'')
  • (10) Plastic Sheer Spot Bandage (7/8'')
  • (10) Butterfly Wound Closure
  • (5) Fabric Fingrtip Bandage
  • (3) Fabric Patch Bandage (2''x3'')
  • (3) Fabric Knuckle Bandage
  • (2) Sterile Abdominal Pad (5''x9'')
  • (3) Sterile Gauze Pad (2''x2'')
  • (3) Sterile Gauze Pad (3''x3'')
  • (3) Sterile Gauze Pad (4''x4'')
  • (3) Non-Stick Sterile Gaze Pad (2''x3'')
  • (3) Non-Stick Sterile Gauze Pad (3''x4'')
  • (1) Sewn Edge Triangular Bandage
  • (1) Tensor Bandage (3'')
  • (1) Self-Adherent Wrap (1'')
  • (1) Roller Gauze (2'')
  • (1) Roller Gauze (3'')
  • (1) Roller Gauze (4'')
  • (1) Surgical Paper Tape (1'')
  • (1) Cotton-Tipped Applicators (10 Pack)
  • (1) Eye Cup
  • (1) Stainless Steel Tweezers
  • (1) Bandage Scissors (4.5'')
  • (1) CPR Pocket Mask in Poly Bag
  • (1) Emergency Mylar Blanket
  • (1) Instant Cold Pack (5''x6'')
  • (1) Alert Basic First-Aid Handbook
  • (1) Nylon First Aid Bag
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