Federal Marine Type A First Aid Kit

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According to the Maritime Occupational Health and Safety Regulations, vessels with 2 to 5 employees must have a Federal Marine Type A First Aid Kit.

The first aid kit must be accessible and clearly identified by a conspicuous sign.

10BZK Towelettes
1Waterproof Biohazard Bag
12Adhesive Strip Bandages
2Roller Gauze
2Triangular Bandages
2Compress Dressing
44" x 4" Sterile Gauze
1Splinter Forceps
1First Aid Manual (English & French)
1Eye pad
1First Aid Record
15.5" Bandage Scissors
11" Tape
10Sting Stop Pads
14" x 4" Burn Dressing
1Hand Cleansing Towelettes
5Pairs of Vinyl Gloves
1CPR Mask
5Tongue Depressors


Kit contents

  • BZK Towelettes (10)
  • Waterproof Biohazard Bag (1)
  • Adhesive Strip Bandages (12)
  • Roller Gauze (2)
  • Triangular Bandages (2)
  • Compress Dressing (2)
  • 4
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