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Roadside First Aid and Safety Kit

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Vehicles aren’t always predictable. Again, and again unforeseen events happen on the road and staying safe on the roadside isn’t easy. The Roadside First Aid and Safety Kit is designed with that in mind. This kit comes with Velcro so you can secure it in an accessible spot in your vehicle. The high-quality reflective warning vest and warning triangle keep you visible and therefore safe on the roadside. As well as the addition of the nitrile dipped gloves protect your hands while still allowing you grip for any repairs you might need to perform. The Roadside First Aid and Safety Kit includes the Auto First Aid Kit to equip you from minor wounds to major first aid emergencies. If you need to stay dry in the Emergency hooded poncho as you wait for assistance in the rain, the Roadside First Aid and Safety Kit has you ready and safe for any problem you may encounter on the road.


1 - Warning triangle

1 - Reflective warning vest

1 - Large grey nitrile dipped gloves

1 - Emergency hooded poncho

1  - Auto First Aid Kit


Weight: 1.47 kg   Width: 12.5 cm   Height: 16.5 cm   Depth: 24 cm