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WCB Level 2 First-Aid Kit

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This WCB Level 2 Kit is for larger or higher risk workplaces. It is often accompanied with a first-aid dressing station or a first-aid room. This kit is not complete without a portable oxygen therapy unit.  If you are not sure what first-aid kit you require, please give us a call. 

When you order this kit  you will get a free pocket face mask with O2 inlet and  set of airways size 1-6. Mask and airways will be supplied inside of this first-aid kit. 

WCB Level 2 First-Aid Kit Contains

24 BZK towelettes 1 Universal scissors 
150 Assorted bandaids 1 Kelly forceps 5.5"
12 4"X4" sterile gauze 1 Pen lights disposable
4 4"X6" Sterile pressure dressing 1 Esmarch bandage
12 triangular bandages 6 Pair of vinyl gloves
10 8x10 ABD pad 1 Trauma Bag
2 1" cotton tape    
2 2" cotton tape 6 Patient assessment chart
6 3 " elastic bandage 1 Accident record book
1 Saline solution 500ml 1 Pencil
1 Green soap 50ml. 1 Instant cold pack