First Aid Supplies

First Aid Supplies

Heavy Duty Cloth Knuckle Bandage (Box of 50)


Our Heavy Duty Cloth Knuckle Bandages come in a box of 50 and are the perfect solution for any cuts or scrapes on your knuckles.

The bandages are made from high-quality stretch fabric material that provides a comfortable and secure fit, even on the challenging knuckle area. They feature a non-stick absorbent pad that protects and promotes healing of wounds, while the breathable fabric allows for proper air circulation.

These bandages are also waterproof, ensuring that they stay in place even when exposed to moisture, and are latex-free, making them safe for those with allergies. With 50 bandages in each box, you'll be well-prepared for any minor injuries that may come your way.

Order your Heavy Duty Cloth Knuckle Bandages today and keep your knuckles protected!

Kit contents

  • (50) Heavy Duty Cloth Knuckle Bandages
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