Aerial Lift

Aerial Lift

Number of people to train Price/person  
1-10 $124.95  
11-25 $99.95  
26-50 $84.95  
51-100 $69.95  
101-500 $49.95  
Price : $124.95

75 minute average runtime

Aerial Lift Online Training Course

Aerial lifting devices are typically used throughout construction, industry, and warehousing. However, the versatility and safety factors incorporated into these devices allow them to be utilized in almost any environment.

Our Aerial Lift Training Program will focus on the safe operation of self propelled elevated work platforms and self propelled boom supported elevated work platforms. Once the online course has been successfully completed, a certificate will be printed and must be signed in the space provided by a competent individual verifying that a hands-on practical evaluation has been completed within your facility.

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Hazard Identification

  • Decals, stickers, capacity limits for aerial lifts
  • Electrocution hazard, earthing, wind, tip over, tilt alarm
  • Pushing and pulling, fall hazards equipment condition
  • Collision, fire, explosion, battery, propane (LPG), frost

Aerial Lift Devices and Operating Controls

  • Self propelled elevated work platforms, scissor lift, genie, zoom boom
  • On slab and off slab scissor
  • Telescoping unit, boom and telescoping articulating boom
  • Ground control panel, platform, turntable rotate, boom extend / retract Jib & secondary boom, platform level, emergency stop, engine high idle

Pre Operational Checks for Aerial Lift Devices

  • Visual & practical inspections of aerial lifts
  • Electrical, hydraulic, tires, nuts, bolts, rails & chains, limit switches, safety arm, pothole protectors, scissor pins, joystick, steering, driving, braking, tilt sensor, battery, auxiliary power, limit switch
  • Check sheet & record keeping

Platform Positioning & Park Positioning

  • Park position, parking hazards (holes, pipes, power-lines, wind & weather, drop offs, bumps, cracks
  • Testing park position & turning off safely

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