WHMIS (GHS) Training

New Brunswick Legislation

New Brunswick Office Ergonomics

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under the
(O.C. 91-1035)

General Duties of an Owner
80An owner of a tool shall ensure that the tool
(a)is of good quality material appropriate for its intended use,
(b)is inspected before being used and repaired or replaced if necessary,
(c)is maintained in proper working condition,
(d)is tempered, dressed and repaired only by a competent person,
(e)where necessary, is equipped with devices to ensure a secure hand grip,
(f)is of a non-sparking type where there is risk of an explosive atmosphere being ignited by a spark, and
(g)is kept in a proper storage place when not in use.
General Duties of an Employer
81An employer shall ensure that
(a)employees are competent in the safe handling and use of tools,
(b)employees are instructed to use tools only for the specific purposes for which they are designed, and
(c)procedures are implemented for safely supplying tools and materials to employees located in hazardous places.

There is an explanatory pamphlet ‘Ergonomics and Musculoskeletal Injuries (MSI)’

Everyone has a role to play in maintaining a healthy and safe workplace. That’s the internal responsibility system, and it’s the basis of New Brunswick’s Occupational Health and Safety Act. Employers, supervisors, workers
and Joint Health and Safety Committees (JHSCs) or health
and safety representatives must work together to prevent workplace injuries and illnesses. Here are some ways you can help reduce the risk of musculoskeletal injuries in your workplace:

• Know and report MSI symptoms and hazards to your supervisor.
• Take scheduled breaks and change postures and positions or relax muscles regularly.
• Bring questions and concerns to your supervisor, or ask for additional training.
• Offer suggestions to improve working conditions to your supervisor, JHSC or health and safety representative.
• Ensure you understand the information and instructions provided.
• Use proper working techniques.
• Use the equipment and tools provided in your workplace to reduce exposure to MSI hazards.
• Know how to make adjustments to your workstation to suit your body and the work you do, and ask for help as needed.

• Ensure everyone under your supervision is aware of MSI hazards on the job and is trained to do the job safely.
• Look for MSI hazards during workplace inspections, job task analyses and discussions with workers.
• When reviewing injury reports, reinforce proper working techniques and use of personal protective equipment (PPE).
• Encourage and support workers taking scheduled breaks.
• Check that workers have adjusted their workstations to suit themselves and their work, and provide help as needed.
• Support workers when they have questions or concerns.
• Be aware of MSI warning signs and indicators.
• Take action on reported MSI hazards and concerns, and follow up with workers.
JHSC members and health & safety representatives:
• Get training to recognize, assess and control MSI hazards.
• Include MSI hazards on inspection checklists.
• Actively look for MSI hazards.
• Discuss MSI-related concerns at JHSC meetings, and with the employer and workers.
• Ensure everyone in the workplace has received training on how to do their jobs safely and how to identify MSI hazards in the workplace.
• Make recommendations to the employer on how to eliminate, control or reduce exposure to MSI hazards.

Employers and managers:
• Incorporate MSI prevention into the health and safety policy and program.
• Train workers and JHSC members or the health and safety representative on how to recognize, assess and eliminate or control MSI hazards.


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