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Cap. O-1.01 Occupational Health and Safety Act

There are no specific references to ergonomics or the prevention of musculoskeletal injuries in the above Act. However the general duty of an employer to provide a safe working environment applies as follows:

12. (1) An employer shall ensure
(a) that every reasonable precaution is taken to protect the
occupational health and safety of persons at or near the workplace;
(b) that any item, device, material, equipment or machinery provided
for the use of workers at a workplace is properly maintained, and is
properly equipped with the safety features or devices, as
recommended by the manufacturer or required by the regulations;
(c) that such information, instruction, training, supervision and
facilities are provided as are necessary to ensure the occupational
health and safety of the workers;
(d) that workers and supervisors are familiar with occupational
health or safety hazards at the workplace;
(e) that workers are made familiar with the proper use of all safety
features or devices, equipment and clothing required for their
protection; and
(f) that the employer’s undertaking is conducted so that workers are
not exposed to occupational health or safety hazards as a result of
the undertaking.
(2) An employer shall
(a) consult and cooperate with the joint occupational health and
safety committee or the representative, as applicable;
(b) cooperate with any person performing a duty or exercising a
power conferred by this Act or the regulations;
(c) provide such additional training of committee members as may
be prescribed by the regulations;
(d) comply with this Act and the regulations and ensure that workers
at the workplace comply with this Act and the regulations; and
(e) where an occupational health and safety policy or occupational
health and safety program is required under this Act, establish the
policy or program. 2004,c.42,s.12.

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