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Client Testimonials

Fantastic. Better than I expected. Humor was a great addition - thanks!

Jen Wenberg

Thank you! Course was great. Clear & to the point. Good use of time.

Stacey Robinson

Gary was very thorough and took the time to answer any questions. I feel after doing this course very confident in my skills. Thank you!

Carol Craveirs

I learned a lot, I feel comfortable performing first aid.

Bradley Remington

Thanks Gary! I enjoyed the course and the scenarios. Thanks for the patience, I'm glad we had you for an instructor this year!!

David Broderson

This was a great course. I highly recommend it!

Amy Nairn

I learned so much that I never knew before and I feel like I'm prepared for anything.

Hannah Kyle

I found Gary to be very passionate about the subject matter. His enthusiasm helped keep the class motivated and focused. A very good course!!

Nicole Cuddy

Great course! Gary is a fabulous instructor, kept the group on their toes & was engaging & humerous.

Nicola Bailey

Thank you Gary, lots of enthusiasm and you talked in a gentle way and kept the course interesting. I appreciate the time you took to answer our questions.

Ally Ehmann