Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

Very entertaining and inclusive. 

Wesley Whyte

Kendall was VERY nice & super supportive! I would recommend her to anyone.

Alex Richardson

Very happy with the course, learned everything I was hoping to and more.

Devan Todd

Great instructor. Presented the material in an angaging way. I know he noticed that people were fading on the second day so he got everyone to stand quick and do something. Much more engaging than other first aid courses I’ve taken.

Marcus Claton

Very well run; organized and info filled. Even mildly entertaining! Thanks!

Zyoji Jackson

Perfect teaching! Interactive – even fun! Informative – repetitive – won’t forget material taught because basics are so reinforced and superfluous left out.

Anny Ruch

Super job. Love the rhymes/acronyms and general mnemonic devices. 

Tony Goodman

Scenarios were well thought out and realistic. Enjoyed all the variety and encouragement. Mike was knowledgeable and enthusiastic. Thank you. Training aids were extensive, demos helpful and info current.

Chris Smith

Very practical, very realistic. Useful feedback. Expects excellent skills, helps learners understand need to be excellent in their skills before teaching others.

Suzanne Flannigan

Very effective teacher. Gives fair evaluation of both strengths and weaknesses. Communicates very well with classroom. Highly knowledgeable. 

Gail Abdai

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