Vancouver Wilderness First Aid Instructor

Vancouver Wilderness First Aid Instructor

For instructor candidates who want to teach the Red Cross Wilderness Program and who have already taken Fundamentals of Instruction.

The Canadian Red Cross Wilderness & Remote First Aid Instructor discipline-specific classroom component focuses on the specific skills of the Red Cross Wilderness & Remote First Aid Program. Instructor certification corresponds to the courses the Instructor wishes to teach. Potential certifications include: Remote First Aid Instructor (RFAI) - certified to teach Remote First Aid, Wilderness First Aid Instructor (WFAI) - certified to teach Remote First Aid and Wilderness First Aid, and Wilderness First Responder Instructor (WFRI) - certified to teach Remote First Aid, Wilderness First Aid, Wilderness First Responder, Oxygen Therapy, Airway Management, Basic Life Support and First Responder.

Instructor candidates must be 18 years or older, have a valid Canadian Red Cross participant level certification in the highest level you wish to teach (RFA, WFA or WFR), have successfully completed a skills evaluation with a Teaching Experience Supervisor or Instructor Trainer for that same level of skills, and have completed the Fundamentals of Instruction course (or are a current Red Cross First Aid & CPR or Professional Responder Instructor).

The last step in the certification process is to complete a Teaching Experience online module (30-45 min) and a classroom component with the support of a Teaching Experience Supervisor. Once certified as an instructor, you will need to work with a Red Cross Training Agency to process participant certifications.

Full Course Length 16 hours Register Now
Recertification 4 hours

Course Details

Topics Covered

The Wilderness First Aid Instructor course includes:

  • Understanding the Learner
  • My Teaching Toolkit
  • Bringing a Course to Life
  • Standards vs. Practice
  • Pre-Course Instructional Tasks
  • Teaching Lessons
  • Communication, Adaptation & Conflict
  • Reflection


An electronic certification will be issued upon completion of this course, the online Teaching Experience module and the classroom Teaching Experience. Potential certifications include: RFAI (certified to teach RFA), WFAI (certified to teach RFA & WFA), and WFRI (certified to teach RFA, WFA, WFR, OT, AM, BLS and FR). Certification is valid for 3 years.


Instructors with a current Wilderness & Remote Instructor certification who have taught a minimum of 3 courses in the certification cycle and who have taken the Instructor Recertification Hub may recertify their RFA, WFAI, or WFRI certification through a short recertification course. This course does not recertify First Aid & CPR Instructor certification, just your Wilderness & Remote Instructor certificate.

There are no recertification classes at this time. Please check back.


Emergency First Aid & CPR Manual

The Wilderness Discipline-Specific course includes the following materials:

  • Wilderness Instructor Manual (hard copy)

Where to find us:

Visit our Vancouver training courses here.

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Who should take this course?

  • Red Cross Wilderness & Remote First Aid Instructor Candidates who have already completed the Fundamentals of Instruction course

Looking for a group class?

If you have a group of people and would like us to come to you to teach a
Wilderness First Aid Instructor course, we offer this course in the following locations:

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