CRC Ear Loop Mask - Bag of 50 -Type II

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This Type II Ear Loop Facemask is designed to protect both the user and others from harmful bacteria. This mask meets the standards for an EN 14683 Type II mask and has a bacteria filtration efficiency (BFE) of >98%.

These masks are fitted with a pliable metal strip at the top of the mask to mold over the bridge of the user's nose. This allows the mask to achieve the best possible fit to prevent bacterial penetration.

This product is designed for single use and for a limited duration for maximum filtration efficiency.

This mask is labeled as "non-medical" for export purposes, however meets EN 14683 standards for a Type II mask. If you require a mask labeled for medical use, please contact us at info@alertfirstaid.com.

Reference Materials

CRC-ELM-502 Test Report 340.pdf
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