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Save % 35 on this amazing lifesaving combo when you take a course with us. We GUARANTEE  you will not find a better value anywhere. If you do we will give you this package for free!   Just add your promo code from your course to get % 35 on this product. (Limit of 3 per customer)  For less then the price of your first-aid course you will get:

  • Newly designed and totally innovative Canadian Red Cross Deluxe First-Aid Kit
  • Key Chain CPR mask will ensure that if you have keys you have the most import thing that you need a the scene on an accident - Gloves and and a CPR mask. With this you can safely preform CPR, stop bleeding and feel confident responding. 
  • For when things get personal we have just the right kit for you. This Canadian Red Cross Personal First-Aid Kit is small enough to stash in a backpack or glove compartment. I have everything you need to deal with:
    • Major Bleeding 
    • Small Wounds 
    • Stings 
    • Kit features Quick Access Bandage ™