Emergency Deluxe First-Aid Kit

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We love this first-aid kit! The Deluxe first-aid kit has over 110 items and is for the person who wants a quality kit that can be used in a wide array of situations. This kit uses stainless steel scissors and tweezers as well as a larger CPR pocket mask with an O2 inlet. It includes a glow stick, as over 60% of accidents occur in the dark. We also added nitrile gloves as they grip better and provide better protection. If you were to build this kit it would cost over $85.00 Get 25% off this kit when you purchase any of our first-aid courses. 

Emergency Deluxe First-Aid Kit Contains

10 Cotton tip applicators 4 3"x3" sterile 8 ply gauze
5 BZK towelettes 4 2"x2" sterile 8 ply gauze
5 Hand cleansing towelettes 1 1"x5yd waterproof tape
1 CPR Mask with 02 inlet 2 8x10 sterile ABD pads
1 15 ml saline 1 Stainless tweezers
2 0.9g burn gel 1 4.5" stainless bandage scissors
1 Economy Eye Cup 3 splinter out 
    4 pairs of nitrile gloves
3 adhsive tape remover  2 2' non sterile roller gauze
5 Sting stop towelettes
1 3' non sterile roller gauze
5 Knuckle bandages 1 4' non sterile roller gauze
10 Butterfly closures 1 Large instant cold pack
3 2"x 3" Heavy duty patch
1 3" elastic bandage
10 1"x 3" cloth strip bandage 1 Emergency mylar blanket
10 1"x 3" plastic strip bandage 1 Glow stick
5 Finger tip bandage 1 Triangular bandages
4 4"x 4" sterile 8 ply gauze 1 2" sensi wrap

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