First Aid Supplies

First Aid Supplies

Padded Malleable Splint 4 1/2


Splints are a widely-used solution for immobilizing injured joints in emergency and remote situations, and are prized for their durability, reusability, lightweight design, and invisibility on x-rays.

The quick splint, in particular, is constructed of soft aluminum strips coated in polyvinyl, allowing it to be folded into a rigid shape that provides reliable support for limbs and even the cervical spine. Its waterproof and stain-resistant coating ensures that it can be easily cleaned and reused, while its radiolucent design means that it won't interfere with x-ray imaging.

Other benefits of the quick splint include its lightweight and compact size, as well as its compatibility with any tape or wrap for fastening in place. It's also latex-free, temperature-resistant, and can be easily disinfected with standard cleaning solutions, making it an ideal addition to any trauma first aid kit.

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